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American Music Club- Fearless

On Mark Eitzel's final stint with the only classic 'post-rock' band in existence, Fearless is a gem expressing in musical simplicity Eitzel's emotional complexities. AMC's swan song San Francisco is a blend of pop mastery and personal reflection. Successfully and sensually combining these two facets of songwriting has never been easily accomplishment even for an (over-)experienced band like AMC. But Fearless melds these facets seamlessly into expressive and completed union. Being one of the softer songs on the album, this piece lets the vocals and harmonies shine over the rock-steady basslines and melodious pedal steel guitar.

American Music Club

AMC at Alias Records

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Lost again, lost again closed my eyes and kept on going
now I'm gone and nothing's gonna endure unless I love you even more

found again, am I found again by your hands- my home is in your hands
but that's a touch I don't deserve anymore unless I love you even more

A stubborn heart can stay broken forever
but someday the tightrope's gonna break
I will fall into a cool cool river
or I will fall into a frozen lake

Saved again, am I saved again by your eyes- the tears in your eyes
Your tears are the only thing that makes me sure I've got to love you even more
and your tears are the only thing that I'll endure
unless I love you even more
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