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steevssongofday's Journal

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Stephen's Song of the Day
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steevssongofday is now an open community. Discuss any of the songs and artists of the day and post your favourite songs for all to see and discuss!

The songs and critiques herein are presented to stimlulate discussions and comments, or to be viewed as a once-a-day vignette on your friends list.

Have fun!

Bio stuff:
Hey. This was created to post a song a day. I am Steev, the community's maintainer. You can find my real jounral at takealookaround. What I post here represents my fleeting obsessions with songs, songs that represent something about the day, but they are also songs that I think everyone should listen to! Relevent information and links will be posted as availible along with the songs.

Thank You, Happy Listening.
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