Stephen's Song of the Day (steevssongofday) wrote,
Stephen's Song of the Day

The Magnetic Fields- If You Don't Cry

From the 1999 LP: 69 Love Songs Volume 2. It's part two of the three disc boxed set 69 Love Songs entiely produced and written by Stephin Merritt.
It's one of the best Claudia Gonson sung pieces, in my humble opinion. The backing synths are mellefluous and charming, with a boncey and happy feel under Ms. Gonson's lovesick and punch-drunk vocals.

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Cool. I love the Magnetic Fields! Mostly I have a random collection of MP3s, fell in love with them when my friends took me to a show in NYC. Can't wait to get more of their musica.
Oh. I'm so jealous you got to see them! :P

When did you see them? I bet they were great.
Some of my New York friends claim that Stephin Marritt is a total loon on stage.

I've wanted to catch a show for a couple years, but unfortunately my school schedule has prevented me.

There will be plenty of Magnetic Fields SSOTDs (Stephen's Song of the Day's). I listen to them pretty regularly. And they're so great, how could they not be a frequent SSOTD choice?

Oh, Sooooo jealous. :P
I saw them in Seattle at Bumbershoot. They were really wonderful and I promptly bought every album I could find by them. I hate it when people ask me to describe what they sound like...just try to give a go at that.
ya i would have to say they are great.... i really like the cover of the holiday cd... i think it has somehting to do with the fact that i am from santa rosa california and the ship says santa rosa on it. even still they are white hot.