Stephen's Song of the Day (steevssongofday) wrote,
Stephen's Song of the Day

Ani DiFranco- Worthy

This song makes the perfect opening to the Not A Pretty Girl album and exemplifies both Ani DiFranco's exquisite and uniquely expressive guitar style and the brilliance of the album's musical arrangement- while Ani plays all of the guitars on the entire album it's hard not to imagine a full, tight and well-weathered band performing this track. Ani has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan in her approach to the poetry of lyric-writing and it is easy to see the slam poet in Ani breaking though in the song's climactic ending. But it is Ani's identifiably emotion guitar playing that continues to amaze. The audio engineering on this song is also inscrutable making it not only an epitome of lyrical poeticism but a mastery of production as well.

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